How to start a blog – step 1
is part of a multi article series on how to start a blog that is especially designed for the beginning blogger.

What does it take to start a blog? I think the first step to blogging is desire. You need the desire to create and share content. I haven’t been blogging as long as some people, but I have been online with different websites since 1999. Back when I started my first website I was always looking for content and it has never stopped. I am still constantly on the lookout for content opportunities. My girlfriend at the time got to know when I made an unexpected turn, it was to get something for my website. There would sometime be a little complaint, but for the most part she was very accepting of my content gathering quirks.

Most blogs require some kind of writing. There are exceptions such as photo blogs and video blogs, but most involve the written word. Along with a desire to create and share, you should also like to write. You don’t have to be a great writer, I certainly am not. But you do need to, at some level, enjoy writing. The same girlfriend who was such a good sport about me making unexpected stops to get content was a literature major, but disliked writing. She always said she wanted to write a book, but seldom wrote anything. However, she was good at critiquing what I wrote. Writing is like exercise, some people can force themselves to do it, but that usually means any excuse will easily stop them. I am impressed by John Chow’s determination to blog even when camping. Many people would think, hey I’m on vacation, and internet connectivity is not good or easy to get. The excuse would be good enough to stop them. But John wouldn’t let that stop him. The blog must go on. This requires Passion, dedication, desire, and drive. As John said he is “very serious about blogging.”

While blogging daily or even several times a day is great I have seen successful blogs that were not updated every day. One of the great things about using WordPress (WP) is that you can use it as a Content Management System (CMS) to build a regular website. Even better you can have a regular website with a blog. This page is an example of using WP as a Content Management System and would be considered a static page.

Most people who are running small businesses are not going to blog everyday. For them the CMS plus blog is a good choice. I remember years ago when I told people I was going to quit using Dreamweaver to make website and switch to WordPress many people didn’t know what WordPress was. Those who did know what it was didn’t know it could be used as a CMS to make websites that had no blog at all. A combination static website and blog may work best for those who don’t want to blog everyday.


You will also need some equipment. At least a computer, but you can also use a phone or tablet. For a modern blog some kind of camera will also be needed and for many blogs a video camera as well. Most modern still cameras can also do video. The camera I want to get is one of the new Sony NEX models. These are very nice cameras and they shoot high quality video. One Great video camera for blogging is the GoPro HERO2. The Hero 2 is one of the best low cost wide angle video cameras you can have for web video. All the new cameras are fun to play with, but everything can be done with a good smart phone. The newer iPhones are great blogging cameras. There are a lot of cool gadget that will help you blog with style and fun. However, don’t forget that the most important equipment is your own personality and the desire to blog. Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what can be done tight now.